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Please Cite This Work

You are welcomed to use DMRG++ and publish data obtained with it. If you do, please cite this work.


DMRG++ is free software. See the file LICENSE, also in the code repository.



Download with git

git logo The easiest way to obtain DMRG++ is to use git to clone my github.com repository. You clone only once. After that, you can update the code to its latest revision by running git pull at any time.

$ cd someDirectory/
$ git clone https://github.com/g1257/PsimagLite.git
$ git clone https://github.com/g1257/dmrgpp.git

To later update the code(s) just say:

$ cd someDirectory/
$ cd dmrgpp/
$ git pull
$ cd ../PsimagLite/
$ git pull

Security and Code Integrity

You can run git rev-parse HEAD to get the SHA1 hash for the revision you are using. Downloading the code from github.com over secure http (https) is possible, make sure to specify https when cloning, as indicated above. Hash of the latest commit is also posted at

Latest commit should always be signed. Keys at https://g1257.github.io/keys.html.

Download tar.gz or zip

As an alternative, you can go to github.com and click on the download button. This has the disadvantage that you will not be able to use git pull to update the code later.